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Country Chiropractor

& Wellness Center

Dr. Hathaway was destined to be a chiropractor. As a young girl she knew she wanted to be a doctor but didn't know what kind of doctor.

While training with her cross-country teammates at a local college she fell down in extreme pain in both her legs. Through numerous tests doctors and trainers couldn't figure out what was causing the pain. She ultimately had to stop racing and ended up postponing her college education. Five year later her sister invited her to see Dr. Syl Desaulniers, DC. There she learned her pelvis was out of balance and after 2 weeks of adjustments she was back to hiking. Within a month she was back to running full time, competing in races all over the West Coast.

After about two years of being a chiropractic patient she was asked to come work for her chiropractor. Seeing and participating in what happened the behind the scenes, Dr. Joell fell in love with the profession. She had the opportunity to meet and train under some of the best chiropractors in the industry. One year to the date of her hire she resigned and began her journey from Placerville, California to Marietta, Georgia to study at Life University where she participated in both cross-country and track teams. 

Upon graduation in 2003, Dr. Hathaway made her chiropractic home in Cartersville, GA. She first began working with a group of doctors and then opened an office with them at the opposite side of town. After a few years she branched out on her own opening Country Chiropractor in 2007.

Dr. Hathaway's passion is not only to help people but to help people live a more balanced life structurally as well as in physical harmony through a variety of techniques and modalities. She has a knack for finding what is going on with a person, with her biggest complement being "I didn't know I hurt there until you pressed there."

Finding her patients not getting better through traditional medicine, Dr. Hathaway has begun steering her practice the last couple of years towards functional medicine. Functional medicine along with chiropractic care

Dr. Hathaway cares for the whole family. From the expectant mom to the newborn and even Great-grandma & Great-grandpa.

You were created for MORE. Let the doctor help you find out what that "More" is.

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Dr. Joell's personalizes each adjustment. She uses Full Spine and/or Activator techniques to help you and your spine achieve maximum results

Applied Nutritional Analysis

Dr. Hathaway will also recommend a personalized nutrition care plan based on your body's needs.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries. Dr. Hathaway will recommend an essential oil protocol best for your situation.

Life is too short!

Enjoy every moment!