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& Wellness Center


"You KNOW where those spots are!"

“I would drive to the moon and back to see you! Thank you for all you do!"

"Thank you for making my back feel so much better!"

"You saved my life! Thank you! Without your referral the blocked arteries in my heart wouldn't have been found and I wouldn't be here today."

"I love the Stress Relief! Thank you for recommending it! Sure has helped me deal with my divorce better and I do not take as many antidepressants."

"My back pain is gone! Thank you!"

"My wife's knee pain is gone thanks to you."

"The doctors said I had carpal tunnel syndrome. Thanks to you the numbness is gone."

"The supplements you recommended are working great! My clavicle pain even feels better!"

"Now, that is how a massage is suppose to be! I haven't felt this good in years!! THANK YOU! I can't wait to tell my husband."

"The whole family loves their supplements and we notice a difference! Can you come to California?!"

"The Lavender essential oil on my cooking burn helped tremendously! It immediately stopped blistering the there is now a beautiful layer of pink skin!"

"The two essential oils recommended for my grief are working GREAT! Thank you!"

"Using a drop or two of essential oils in my water is helping me take in more water a day! Thank you for making drinking water tolerable again."