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& Wellness Center

Chiropractic Adjustments

Most comments made by new patients are "my other chiropractor never spent that much time with me." Dr. Joell partners with each patient to help them navigate through their health. No two spines are the same. So no two care plans are the same. 

Dr. Joell dedicates an hour to each new patient to listen to their needs and constructs a care plan based on their goals, keeping family budgets and family schedules in consideration.

4 step approach

for each patient -

1. Listens to your concerns

2.Visualization (looking at the area in question)

3. Static Palpation (gentle feeling of the area for swelling, tenderness, etc.)

4. Motion Palpation (moving the joint to feel the areas that have a lack of motion)

(Our office does not offer xray services. If x-rays are necessary we refer our patients to Reed Imaging around the corner.)

Dr. Hathaway uses Full Spine and Activator techniques to correct any subluxations causing nervous interference thus preventing your body from functioning optimally.

Massage Therapy -